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  • 10 Wrap Coils Damascus Shader Tattoo Machine

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  • This 10 Wrap Coils Damascus Shader Tattoo Machine is a pro-quality beauty product with everything you′ll need to tattoo and easy to operate. With this machine you can save hours and use it to print high quality and clear tattoo design, low price. Best for beginner.


    Installation of tattoo machine:


    • New and high quality
    • Manual polished surface, clear and beautiful patterns
    • Come with a 10 wraps manual coil
    • Coil using the latest technology, ten high quality laps of electromagnetic valve
    • The frame cutting by precision, ensure the precision size, and avoid the error of manual machine
    • The spring made of superior composite material with high elastic for long time anti-fatigue
    • Pure iron armature bar with excellently conductive magnetic performance
    • Stable bouncing, stable needles, strong magnetic back seat, fine workmanship, beautiful appearance, good touching
    • Its steady body and smooth vibration will make your tattooing much more professional
    • This tattoo machine is a pro-quality beauty product with everything you′ll need to tattoo
    • Perfect for any tattoo artist looking for a good quality tattoo machine
    Frame MaterialDamascus Steel
    Productive TechnologyWire cutting
    Recommended UseShader
    Coils2pcs 10 warps coils; 1.25" (32mm)
    Working Voltage6V
    Starting Voltage4V
    Optimum voltage5-8V
    Running Speed2500 - 3000 R/Minute
    A-Bar MaterialPure iron
    Contact materialPure copper
    Front Binder MaterialBrass
    Rear Binder MaterialBrass
    Spring Thickness0.50mm rear spring & 0.50mm front spring
    Size2.95 x 1.18 x 2.99 inch / 7.5 x 3 x 7.6 cm (L x W x H)
    Weight7.90 oz / 224g
    Package Includes
    • 1 x 10 Wrap Coils Damascus Shader Tattoo Machine
    Extra Info
    Why the machine cannot start
    The spring pole does not touch the contact point of the slanting springLoosen the screw of spring pole; rotate down the spring pole to the contact point, and then rotate it through 180脗掳-360脗掳. Tighten the screw to lock the spring pole
    The switch is offConnect 220V AC power supply and turn on the switch. The indicator flashes red
    Both of Adjustable knob (VOLTAGE) and V meter hand are in "0"Rotate the adjustable knob clockwise slowly. Simultaneously, V meter hand is also moving. V meter hand should stop at 10V-12V
    The spring pole touches the contact point of front spring so tightly that the machine cannot start, which maybe even cause short circuit. Turn on the switch, the indicator flashes green (No Voltage)Loosen the screw of spring pole; rotate up the spring pole for readjustment to the contact point, and then 180脗掳-360脗掳 rotation. The indicator is green after it is short-circuited. Turn off the switch and then on again, the indicator will be red.
    Disconnect the cord from joint position owing to careless jerk during the daily workingCheck the foot switch and the plug
    The wires are broken while washing and sterilizing the tattoo machineConfirm the broken wires condition and have them welded
    Turn on the switch when short circuit happens, and the indicator turns greenCheck whether the plugs of cord and foot switch are broken or not. The damaged ones could cause short circuit, which should be welded with electric iron.