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  • 1500mAh Battery for HTC Mytouch 4G Thunderbolt

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  • Lasting standby time lies in the quality of cell phone battery!

    Cell phone is an indispensable communication tool in daily life, so it is also important to make sure that your cell phone is powered by a battery which is fully charged. However, many people have the trouble of running out of battery quickly. Today, this battery for HTC Mytouch 4G Thunderbolt with high-capacity can help you out.
    • High quality Li-Ion battery
    • Best replacement for the original battery with comparable standby time and talk time
    • Keep an extra battery on hand to stay connected with your family and friends
    • Equipped with an integrated microchip which prevents overcharging and lengthens battery life
    • The best spare battery for your phone
    • The battery should be charged for about 4-6hours before being used
    Battery type Lithium Ion
    Voltage 3.7V
    Capacity 1500mAh
    Weight 0.92oz (26g)
    Dimensions (2.28 x 1.78 x 0.20)in / (5.80 x 4.50 x 0.50)cm / L x W x H
    Compatibility HTC Mytouch 4G Thunderbolt
    Package Includes
    • 1 x 1500mAh Battery for HTC Mytouch 4G Thunderbolt
    Extra Info

    Inappropriate usage of battery would negatively affect the battery life. Therefore, you should learn how to make your cell phone battery last longer and extend your battery life to its full potential. Here, we provide some useful tips for your reference.

    1. How to save your cell phone battery?

    Switch your cell phone off: You should turn off you cell phone as much as possiblewhen you´re not using your mobile, especially when you are sleeping. If you are in the no service area, like on the airplane, you could save battery life by turning the cell phone off. Otherwise, your cell phone would search the network ceaselessly, which would drain the battery power quickly.

    Turn off the unnecessaryapplications: It would consume the battery power when these applications, like Internet, Wi-Fi, camera, video and Bluetooth are running. Hence, you should avoid using those unnecessary applications if not needed so as to save the cell phone battery.

    Be careful about the location where you place it: High temperatures increase the available output of the battery and cause destructive attach on the positive grids and negative, active material, thus shortening life. Under such a circumstance, you should not leave your cellphone in an area susceptible to extreme temperatures, like in a hot car.

    Choose the optimal features of your cell phone: For mode settings, you should not utilize the vibrate mode or special ringtones which would drain battery power quickly. Besides, you should turn down the backlights and the screen brightness. In a word, you should use the energy-saving settings to make the cell phone battery last longer.

    Charge your cell phone battery properly and correctly: You should charge your cell phone by a practical and premium charger. New cell phones usually are powered by Lithium-ion batteries which don´t have memory settings. The more you charge, the more quickly it will exhaust your battery. It means that youshould not charge your battery unless it needs to be. Additionally, do not remove the vent plug or use the cell phone during charging. Furthermore, do not overcharge your battery. You should charge your cell phone battery by a suitable charger within the available time according to the manual guide.

    2. How to prolong the battery life?

    Store your cell phone battery properly: In this regard, you should charge your battery before placing it in storage and place your cell phone battery in a cool place (like refrigerator) where is away from metal objects. When batteries are taken out of storage, you should recharge the cell phone battery before use.

    Charge your cell phone properly: New batteries should be fully charged before their first use to obtain maximum capacity in accordance with its type. A partial discharge reduces stress and prolongs battery life, thusyou should fully discharge your battery before recharging your battery.

    Keep your battery cool: Elevated temperature and high currents affect cycle life.Hence, you should store the battery at room temperature, so that your cell phone battery can last longer. What´s more, check the temperature of the battery when it´s charged to avoid overheating.

    Keep your battery contracts clean: Over time, battery contracts may accumulate dirt, which would affect the performance of battery. Therefore, Simple battery maintenance is indispensable to help your battery perform at its best and waste less juice. However, please bear in mind that you should clean the battery contracts properly according to the battery type and the user´s guide of the cell phone.

    If you follow the above steps, your cell phone battery is sure to last longer.