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  • 90W AC Adapter Power Cord Battery Charger for HP Compaq NC2400 NC4400 Perfect

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  • The power adapter is an invaluable tool for a laptop to get power supply safely. Hence, if the original adapter for your laptop is broken or malfunctioned, you should immediately get a new one to power on your computer and this adapter would be the best replacement. With latest technology, this adapter is specially designed with built-in protection to protect your computer against unexpected power surge damages. Besides, it also features stable voltage and noise reduction. Overall, this power adapter is of high efficiency and reliability.

    • Low interference & noise
    • Advanced technology and high quality
    • High efficiency and reliability
    • Short circuit and over voltage protection
    • A durable and well-made laptop power adapter guarantees long term use
    • LED power-on indicator
    Condition New
    Power Cable Type US Standard, 3 Pins
    Input 100-240V ~2.5A, 50/60Hz
    Output 18.5V~4.9A, 90W
    Tip Diameter (0.07 x 0.19)" / (1.7 x 4.8)mm (Inner Dia. x Outside Dia.)
    Weight 14.48oz / 439g
    Color Black
    Dimensions (5.12 x 2.17 x 1.10)" / (13 x 5.5 x 2.8)cm (L x W x H)
    Compatible P/N HP/Compaq 393945-001, PPP009H, 239428-001, 324815-001, 239428-002, 310744-002, 287515-001, 394224-001, PPP014S, PPP012H, PPP012L, PA-1900-05C1, 239705-001
    Package Includes
    • 1 x AC Adapter
    • 1 x Power Cable
    Extra Info
    Compatible with:
    HP Pavilion DV6000 Seires, DV8000, DV8005, DV8010, DV8013, DV8026EA, DV8040, DV8080, DV8100, DV8110, DV8120, DV8130,DV8200, DV8210, DV8230, DV8230CA, DV8240, DV8240US, DV8290, DV8290EA, DV8310, DV8320, DV8370, DV8400, DV8408, DV9000, DV9000EA, DV9000T, DV9000Z, DV9010, DV9010CA, DV9010EA, DV9010TX, DV9010US, DV9020, DV9020TX, DV9020XX, DV9030, DV9040, DV9050, DV9050EA, DV9060EA, DV9060US, DV9070, DV9080, DV9085, DV9090, DV9095
    presario c300
    Compatible to
    310744-002, 239705-001 , 239428-001, 239705-001, 393955-001, 394224-001
    Compaq Business Notebook NC8000 Series,
    Compaq Business Notebook NC8100, Series,
    Compaq Business Notebook NC8200 Series (including NC8230 etc).
    hp/Compaq Notebook PC 8000 Series,
    hp/Compaq Notebook PC 8200 Series (NC8230, NX8220),
    hp/Compaq Notebook PC 8400 Series (NC8430, NX8420).
    Pavilion DV8000xx
    Pavilion DV8200 (EE840AV & EE840AVR models), DV8230ca, DV8233cl,  DV8235nr, DV8275la, DV8280us, DV8293ea, DV8298xx, DV8299xx,
    Pavilion: DV8301tx, DV8308tx, DV8320ca, DV8320us, DV8327cl, DV8327us, DV8327ca, DV8327ea, DV8328ea, DV8328ca, DV8330us, DV8333cl, DV8339us, DV8356ea, DV8372ea, DV8373ea, DV8375la, DV8387ea, DV8380us, DV8395ea, DV8397ea.
    Business Notebook NC4000 Series,
    Business Notebook NC6000 Series,
    Business Notebook NX5000 Series,
    Business Notebook NX7000 Series, (But NOT NX9000 Series).
    hp/Compaq Notebook PC NC2400
    hp/Compaq Notebook PC NC4400
    hp/Compaq Notebook PC NC6000
    hp/Compaq Notebook PC NC6100 Series (NC6110, NC6120, etc.)
    hp/Compaq Notebook PC NC6200 Series (NC6220, etc.)
    hp/Compaq Notebook PC NC6300 Series (NC6320, etc.)
    hp/Compaq Notebook PC NX6100 Series (NX6110, NX6115, NX6120, NX6125, etc.)
    hp/Compaq Notebook PC NX6300 Series (NX6310, NX6315, NX6320, NX6325, etc.)
    hp/Compaq Notebook PC NC8000 (But NOT NC8200 Series)
    Presario M2000 Series,
    Presario M2100 Series (m2105ca)
    Presario M2200 Series,
    Presario M2300 Series,
    Presario M2400 Series (M2401xt).
    Presario M2500 Series (M2505,).
    Presario V2000 Series (V2000z,).
    Presario V2100 Series (V2135us,),
    Presario V2200 Series (V2205us, V2210us)
    Presario V2300 Series (V2310us),
    Presario V2400 Series (V2403us, V2405us, V2410us, V2414nr),
    Presario V2500 Series (V2505us, V2555us, V2570nr),
    Presario V3000 Series (V3018cl, V3019us, V3022au,),
    Presario V3100 Series (V3110us,),
    Presario V4000 Series (V4000, V4000z,).
    Presario V4100 Series (V4105us, V4115us,),
    Presario V4200 Series (V4240us),
    Presario V4300 Series (V4332us),
    Presario V4400 Series (V4430us).
    Presario V5000 Series (V5015us),
    Presario V5100 Series (V5115us),
    Presario V5200 Series (V5209us),
    Presario X1000 Series (X1010us).
    Presario X1100 Series (X1110us),
    Armada E300, E500, E500S, E700.
    Armada M300, M500, M700,
    Armada Convenience Base for m300, m700, e500, e700, n400c, n410c, n600c
    Armada V300,
    Armada 100, 100s, 100, 110s.
    EVO n110, n150,
    EVO n400c, n410c.
    EVO n600c, n610c, n620c,
    EVO n800, n800c, n800v, n800w,
    EVO N1000, N8000,
    Prosignia 165, 170, 190, & 800.
    Pavilion ZT3000 Series,
    Pavilion DV1000 Series (DV1010us, etc.).
    Pavilion DV1100 Series (DV1170us, etc.).
    Pavilion DV1200 Series (DV1245cl, [nDV1227us, etc).
    Pavilion DV1300 Series (DV1310us, DV1311se, DV1321us, etc.).
    Pavilion DV1400 Series (DV1410us, DV1427us, DV1439us, etc.).
    Pavilion DV1500 Series (DVDV1530us, etc.)
    Pavilion DV1600 Series (DV1675us, etc.).
    Pavilion DV1700 Series (DV1720us, etc.).
    Pavilion DV4000 Series (DV4020us, DV40330, etc.)
    Pavilion DV4100 Series (DV4165cl, etc.)
    Pavilion DV4200 Series (DV4223cl, DV4230us, etc.).
    Pavilion DV4300 Series (DV4307cl, etc.).
    Pavilion DV4400 Series (DV4410us, DV4430us, DV4440us, etc.).
    Pavilion DV5000 Series (DV5020us, etc.).
    Pavilion DV5100 Series (DV5120us, etc.).
    Pavilion DV5200 Series (DV5205us, etc.).
    Pavilion DV8000 CTO Models, DV8002ea, DV8088us and any other DV8000 series models that require 3.5 amps).
    Pavilion DV8100, DV8110us, DV8113cl, DV8120ca, DV8125nr,
    Pavilion DV8200 (EE885AV & EE885AVR models), DV8205tx, DV8210ca, DV8210us, DV8213cl, DV8225ca, DV8225nr, DV8240us,
    Pavilion DV8301nr, DV8305us, DV8305ca, DV8309us, DV8310ca, DV8315ca, DV8315us.
    Pavilion ZE2000 Series
    Pavilion ZE2100 Series
    Pavilion ZE2200 Series
    Pavilion ZE2300 Series
    Pavilion ZE2400 Series
    Pavilion ZE2500 Series
    Pavilion ZE4900 Series (ZE4901us, ZE4910us, ZE4330, etc.).
    Special Edition L2000 Series
    Special Edition L2100 Series
    Special Edition L2200 Series
    Special Edition L2300 Series