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  • CGA-S008 Battery Charger for Panasonic DMC-FS5 FS3 FS20

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  • Ideal charger to power your camera battery!

    This replacement Digital Camera Travel Battery Charger for Panasonic DMC-FS5 FS3 FS20 is the best choice for you! Feel free to browse our large inventory of replacement batteries for your needs. Compatible with universal voltages, this portable battery charger for digital camera allows you to charge your camera or camcorder battery anywhere in the world. Don´t hesitate to get this Travel Battery Charger for Panasonic right now! Better acting than thinking! It will make your life convenient.
    Support AC Plug TypeTwo-pin AU plug or three-pin UK plug, US plug, EU plug (not included)
    Input VoltageAC 100V - 240V 50/60 Hz MAX 150mA
    Output VoltageDC 4.2V 600mAh
    Weight4.30oz / 122g
    Compatible Models Panasonic:Lumix DMC-FX30,FX30A,FX30K,FX30S,FX30T, FX30EB-K,FX30EB-S,FX30EF-K,FX30EF-S,FX30EG,FX30EG-A,FX30EG-K,FX30EG-S,FX30EG-T, FX30GK,FX35,FX35S,FX35K,FX35A,FX36,FX33,FX33A, FX33K,FX33S,FX33T,FX33GK,FS3,FS3A,FS3P,FS3S,FS5,FS5K,FS5R,FS5S,FS20, FS20P,FS20S,FS20K,FX55,FX55K,FX55P,FX55T,FX55S,FX55EB-K,FX55GK,FX500,FX500K,FX500S,FX520,FX37,FX37K,FX37S,FX37W,FX37A,FX38,FX38K,FX38S
    SDR-S7,S7K,S7S,S7EG-K,S7EG-S,S9,S9 EG-S,SW20,SW20R,SW20S,SW28,S10,S10P1,S10EB-K,S10EG-K
    Ricoh:Caplio R6  Caplio R7  Caplio R8
    Compatible BatteriesCGA-S008
    Package Includes
    • 1 x CGA-S008 Battery Charger for Panasonic DMC-FS5 FS3 FS20 (US Plug)
    • 1 x Car Charging Cable
    Extra Info

    Notes of Charging Time

    The proper charging time is about (Battery Capacity mAh ÷ The Charger Output Current mAh) hours.

    The charging time varies according to different battery capacities. The charging indicator switches off when charging is completed. Charge a new battery for at least 10 hours for the first 3 times. Please ignore the battery full alert after 1 or 2 hours of charging time. Use the battery till dead and then recharge it. After charging 3 times, the battery will be activated to a best performance, which ensures the longest standby time of camera. However, there is no limitation mentioned above for the future charge. You had better fully charge for 2 or 4 hours in the future.

    For the charger:

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