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  • E-Liquid Cartridges for EGO-T EGO-K EGO-W Electronic Cigarettes Davidoff Flavor (10 PCS)

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  • Do you still annoy how to quit smoking because its harmful ingredient? Do you still in a struggle whether to say goodbye to your beloved cigarette? Come on! Today we are pleased to introduce our high quality ZXCYD121016 Davidoff Flavor E-Liquid Cartridges for EGO-T EGO-K EGO-W Electronic Cigarettes (10 PCS). With it, you can smoke safer, because it can effectively filter the harmful ingredients in cigarette smoke. Therefore, you can completely enjoy the smoking life and keep healthy at the same time. What a good product! Come to take our atomizer home at once!

    • It adopts advanced filtering method, no harmful chemical substances
    • Repeated use, it can be cleaned by water or paper
    • Reduce tar, nicotine and other harmful substance when you are smoking
    • It is very popular because it does not change smokers’habits
    • Convenient to carry and easy to use
    • Have no harm to the smoker
    Model ZXCYD121016
    Quantity 1 x 10 (pieces)
    Color Light Yellow
    Flavor Davidoff5. Material: PE
    Dimensions (1.77 x 0.43 x 0.43) " /  (4.5 x 1.1 x 1.1)cm  (L x W x H)
    Weight 1.38 oz / 39 g
    Density No
    Atomizer No 
    Package Includes
    • 10 x Electronic Cigarette Cartridges (10 x 1.5ml)
    Extra Info


    1. E-cigarettes are the best gifts for your sweetheart, families, friends, and colleagues. But it is not suitable for minors, non-smokers, pregnant women, People who are not suitable for smoking, like niacin-sensitive people.

    2. It is advisable to smoke gently. Smoking too hard will give off little fog, because the fluid will flow into your mouth without atomization process.
    3. Take a breath as long as possible, so as to prolong the atomization process and give off more fog.
    4. Pay attention to the angle of holding e-cigarette, so as to prevent the fluid flowing into your mouth by gravity.
    5. When the fluid flows into your mouth, please take out the e-cigarette out of your mouth and dismantle it. Wipe up the excessive fluid on the inhaler and atomizer before use.
    6. Ensure the battery power is sufficient. Otherwise, the fluid will flow into your mouth without full atomization process due to insufficient power.