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  • High Quality Professional Body Piercing Kit BP-5

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  • This category is special for people, who perform piercing. Here you can buy piercing tools for quality piercing, wich protect the health of pierced person and safety in piercing. Our tools are made of stainless steel and autoclavable. Our piercing needles have the lowest possible prices and the best quality. This Piercing Tool is designed to be comfortable enough to use hundreds of times and durable enough. Buy one for you!

    Body piercing can be an exciting body adornment that people have practiced since ancient time. Nose piercing has become one of the most popular types. However, you should firstly take disinfection measures before body piercing.

    The lip piercing is done in the soft tissue of the lips or surrounding area of the lips. And once you done the lip piercing, it will remain on your face permanently. It is better to pierce your lips with any professional in order to avoid complications.

    Body piercing has been practiced in various forms by both sexes since ancient times throughout the world. While the love for body art is not naturally healthy, so it is important for you to prefer a professional body-piercing expert to avoid the damages.

    Nowadays, eyebrow piercing has become the hottest trend in the fashion world. Piercing along the outer bend of the eye will let you look awesome and with the decoration of good makeup and jeweled studs.

    Certainly body piercing is a bit painful but it is really a captivating symbol to show your personal charisma and taste. If you are truly a person who always wants to stay in fashion, body piercing is a cool choice.

    • Professional body piercing kit is made of durable and high grade material
    • Popular style and high quality tattoo piercing tools
    • And you can use these tools for navel piercing, ear piercing, tongue piercing, etc
    • Whether you are professional puncture division or enjoyment.
    • It’s safe and mild to your body, easy to use
    • Easy to operate, very convinient
    • These body piercing supplies come in a compact case for easy storage and organization
    • In addition to include four body piercing tools,we also present extra body piercing jewelry and tri-beveled medical grade piercing needles
    • It’s really very easy and you can create your own body art with these tools

    14G   1.6 x 50mm

    12G   2.0 x 50mm  

    Weight:1.94oz / 55g
    Package Includes
    • 8 x Body Piercing Jewelry
    • 8 x Piercing Needles