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  • Laptop Keyboard for HP Pavilion DV5000 ZV5000 ZE2000 ZV6000

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  • Most office people have the problem of muscle pain for long time keyboard pressing before a laptop everyday. Thus, choosing a good keyboard becomes very important. This keyboard is designed with compact size and solid construction, portable to carry and durable for use. Besides, this keyboard features with the soft touch keys to facilitate and accelerate typing input, helping your hands and wrists rest more naturally for treater comfort. Why wait another day? Order it now!

    • Special printing technology: guarantees the letter on the buttons of the keyboard not to be worn way for a longtime
    • Its applicable to office, hospital, classroom, workshops, network, bar, etc
    • The Laptop Keyboard incorporates the latest features and multimedia keys
    • The Laptop Keyboard soft touch keys facilitate and accelerate typing input
    • Its durable construction design ensures little accidents will not cause worries
    • The Laptop Keyboard is stylish, curved design of this ergonomic USB Keyboard, keyboard helps your hands and wrists rest more naturally for greater comfort
    • Responsive feel, a standard size that uses less space than split keyboards
    • This computer keyboard is very easy to install and use
    • With so many benefits for such an economical design, this keyboard offers incredible value
    • Soft-touch palm rest and full-size key layout for enhanced comfort
    • With the touch of a button you can quickly access the Internet
    • When you play games, you can use the Keyboard,it can protect the keyboard of your laptop
    • The Keyboard is practical and simple for you. Replace your faulty,cracked,broken keyboard
    Condition New
    Layout US
    TrackPoint No
    Connector No
    Waterproof Yes
    Finish Matte
    Dimension 30.5 x 13 cm / 12.01" x 5.12"
    Weight 100g / 3.53oz
    Color Black
    P / N Number PK13ZIP0100.350787 - 001
    Compatible Model Numbers 99.N5982.001, 381068 - 001, 367777 - 001, PK13ZIP0100, K031802A1 JME
    Ver US PK13HR60400, 48.N5901.001, 9705DA20A3 - 3, K0318 46A
    Compatible Models
    HP Pavilion Series ZE2000, ZE2100, ZE2200 ZE2300, DV5000, ZV5000, ZV5100, ZV5200, ZV5300, ZV5400 ZV6000, ZV6100, ZV6200, ZX5000, NX9100, NX9110; HP Pavilion ZV5000 ZX5000 ZV6000 NX9100; Compaq Presario NX9105; HP Pavilion ZV5000, ZV5100, ZV5200, ZV5300, ZV5400 Series; PavilionZV5000, zv5000t.zv5000z, ZV5002US, ZV5007AP, ZV5008AP, ZV5010AP, ZV5016AP, ZV5019AP, ZV5030CA, ZV5030US.ZV5034US, zv5037WM, zv5045EA, ZV5101US, ZV5103US, ZV5105US, ZV5120CA, ZV5120US, ZV5160CA, zv5160US, zv5201US, zv5210ca, zv5210us, zv5220US, zv5240us, zv5242QV, zv5247LA, zv5255US, zv5257LA, zv5270US, zv5277LA; HP Pavilion ZX5000, ZX5001US, ZX5002US, ZX5040CA, ZX5040US, ZX5060US, ZX5065US, ZX5070US, zx5078cl, ZX5180US, ZX5190US, zx5280US, HP Pavilion zv5300 Series; zv5315 zv5315EA zv5320 zv5320CA zv5340 zv5340EA zv5348 zv5348RS zv5386 zv5386US; HP Pavilion zv6000 Series
    HP Pavilion zv5400 Series zv5402 zv5402AP zv5402EA zv5403 zv5403AP zv5472 zv5472EA
    HP Pavilion zx5000 Series zx5078 zx5078CL zx5190 zx5190US zx5295 zx5295US
    Package Includes
    • 1 x HP Pavilion DV5000 ZV5000 ZE2000 ZV6000 Laptop Keyboard