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  • S102 Bamboo Shape TPU Aquatic Plant Simulation Plant Green

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  • If you like breeding fishes, you need to buy thisS102 Bamboo Shape TPU Aquatic Plant Simulation Plant to create a beautiful and healthy life environment for them. It won’t die, it requires no pruning, and it stays beautiful season after season. It will never rot or undergo natural biological changes, so it won’t foul your aquarium water. Besides, it can offer long-lasting beauty with minimal effort. It is non-toxic and helps reduce fish stress. It looks realistic and attractive so that your fish will love it. Simply secure the decor in place with gravel and easily to remove it for cleaning when it gets dirty.

    • Simply secure the decor in place with gravel
    • Specially designed for aquarium, create beautiful scenery in the fish tank
    • Natural looking tulip aquarium decoration adds beauty and realism to your fish tank
    • Fish love to hide among the plant for safety
    • Once it is under water you will have difficulty telling it from the real thing
    • With bamboo shape design, it enhances visual appeal
    Dimensions (8.66 x 12.99)" / (22.0 x 33.0)cm (W x H)
    Weight 285.0 g / 10.05 oz
    Material TPU
    Color Green
    Model S102
    Shape Bamboo
    Package Includes
    • 1 x Simulation Plant