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  • Tobacco Tar Oil for Electronic Cigarette Mint Flavor (10ml)

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  • Have you realized that smoking is quite harmful to the health of yourself or people around you? Have you ever set up your mind to give up smoking? If you find it difficult to quit smoking quickly, you can start with this Tobacco Tar Oil for Electronic Cigarette - Mint Flavor (10ml). This electronic cigarette oil is a new electronic product that is resemblance to real cigarette as well as has the same taste as real cigarette, even be more fragrant than it. This electronic cigarette has no tar, particulate matter or other harmful substances, and it is rather helpful for you to give up smoking. It will reach an amazing effect.

    • It is healthy to smokers without releasing harmful substance
    • Low density aerosol is hard to be absorbed for forming passive smoking
    • It is safe to use without igniting in case of fire
    • No cigarette ash is friendly and green to environment
    • The taste is fragrant, mild, mellow and close to real cigarette
    • High concentration level to meet your craving of tobacco
    • No poison, no color, no odor, no tar and no irritation
    Model DEMF12030119B
    Taste Mint Flavor (With Nicotine)
    Capacity 10ml
    Dimensions (2.56 x 0.91 x 0.91) " /  (6.5 x 2.3 x 2.3)cm  (L x W x H)
    Weight 0.53 oz / 16 g
    Color Dark Brown 
    Package Includes
    • 1 x Tobacco Tar Oil
    Extra Info

    What is smoke fluid?

        Smoke fluid is a consumable in the cartridge of an e-cigarette. Keeping in the cartridge, smoke fluid provides people with aerosol mist after atomization process. With various flavors and concentration, smoke fluid is usually sold in packets. For reducing the cost, purchasers usually choose refillable e-cigarettes instead of disposable ones.

    Ingredients of Smoke Fluid

        Adopting advanced extraction technique, smoke fluid, natural essential oil with tobacco flavor, is extracted from tobacco leaf and can be atomized after special processing. The chemical elements in the tobacco are complex and can be divided into three categories: non-nitrogen compounds, nitrogen compounds and inorganic salt, such as monosaccharide, disaccharide, starch, pectic substances, protein, amino acid, perfume oil and polyphenol. With tobacco flavors and elements that are harmless to human beings, the smoke fluid is excellent for smokers who want to keep healthy and meet smoking addiction.