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  • Does your pet like biting or barking? Does it often eat dirty stuff outside? If so, you′d better consider this dog basket muzzle mask to correct its bad behavior from now on. This dog muzzle is very practical for inhibiting biting and chewing. And it is extremely difficult for the dog to dislodge with its paws. The muzzle is specially designed for maximum comfort and safety for the dog and to prevent rubbing or hand crafted. In a word, the muzzle is very comfortable for you dog and useful for training, travelling, patrolling, guarding and visiting the vet.

    • New and high quality
    • A humane and way to work with strong, forceful dogs
    • Helps stop biting, barking, and chewing
    • Recommended by handlers, trainers, and pet care professionals
    • Durable leather for strength
    • Snout strip for dog′s comfort
    • Fully adjustable strap with quick - release buckle
    • Do not leave dog unattended while wearing this muzzle
    MaterialLeather & Plastic
    Rope Length24.80´´(63cm)
    From lower Mouth-tip to Throat5.91´´(15cm)
    From Nose Tip to Eyes3.35´´(8.5cm)
    Circumference of Mouth-tip11.42´´(29cm)
    Applicable Neck Circumference22.83´´-31.50´´(58-80cm)
    Weight3.63oz / 103g
    Package Includes
    • 1 x Leather Basket Cage Adjustable Pet Dog Muzzle Black Size - 7
    Extra Info
    1、Choose a muzzle that allows your dog to drink, if possible. The nylon muzzle fits snugly around the dog′s nose, keeping him from opening his mouth. The basket muzzle provides space inside the cage and lets the dog drink freely and eat small snacks. Nylon muzzles are okay on a short-term basis only.
    2、Introduce your dog to his new muzzle with enthusiasm. How well he will tolerate the device may depend upon the first few times he sees it and wears it. You can placing a favorite treat in the bottom of a basket muzzle to encourage your dog to retrieve it. After he gets the hang of eating a treat in this fashion, praise him and put the muzzle away. Keeping each training session short and positive will encourage him to accept the muzzle.
    3、Repeat the muzzle training session the next day and try to hold the muzzle over your dog′s nose a bit longer, encouraging her and praising her when she allows you to do so. As she becomes accustomed to the muzzle, secure the buckle around the back of her head and try feeding her treats through the muzzle holes. End the session after a few minutes but repeat it every day until your dog allows you to put the muzzle on her without hesitation.
    4、Slip on your dog′s muzzle if he exhibits aggression towards other dogs or humans and you want to walk him or take him somewhere in public.
    Note:Please measure your dog′s snout circumference midway between the tip of the nose and eyes before buying.

    SizeFrom lower Mouth-tip to ThroatFrom Nose Tip to EyesCircumference of Mouth-tipApplicable Neck CircumferenceRope Length
    Size 11.81´´(4.6cm)1.81´´(4.6cm)2.60´´(6.6cm)8.27´´-12.20´´(21-31cm)12.20´´(31cm)
    Size 22.76´´(7cm)1.77´´(4.5cm)5.91´´(15cm)11.81´´-12.60´´(30-32cm)12.60´´(32cm)
    Size 33.54´´(9cm)2.17´´(5.5cm)7.09´´(18cm)12.60´´-14.17´´(32-36cm)13.39´´(34cm)
    Size 44.13´´(10.5cm)2.56´´(6.5cm)7.87´´(20cm)13.39´´-15.75´´(34-40cm)14.17´´(36cm)
    Size 54.72´´(12cm)2.76´´(7cm)9.06´´(23cm)15.75´´-22.05´´(40-56cm)20.87´´(53cm)
    Size 65.51´´(14cm)3.15´´(8cm)10.63´´(27cm)22.05´´-25.98´´(56-66cm)24.02´´(61cm)
    Size 75.91´´(15cm)3.35´´(8.5cm)11.42´´(29cm)22.83´´-31.50´´(58-80cm)24.80´´(63cm)